As organizer you do not have to worry about the lockers on your event or festival. We have for every situation a solution. LOCKERKING guarantees a professional operation.

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Feature 1

* e-locker

electronic system with pincode
no badge needed, no deposit needed
no outflow, all day available
Locker opens itself, not through a central place

Feature 2

** outdoor

for all possible areas a solution
contact us for more information.

Our products

Our products Feel free to browse into some examples of our lockers. Don't forget to follow our Facebook.


Feature 1


We take care of the transport and placement of the lockers. Your organisation is responsible for further processing, like signing and staff. Possibility to provide a coordinator.


Feature 2


We take care of the transport and placement of the locker. We provide signing and trained staff.


Some benefits to work with Lockerking as your partner

  • + A-service & A-quality +
  • + Large stock +
  • + From small events to very big festivals +
  • + YES, we can handle festivals over 60.000 visitors +
  • + Cashless payment systems available for the cash desk +
  • + Solutions for indoor & outdoor +
  • + Unique e-locker system, no loss of key or badge! +
  • + Easy inflow and outflow with e-locker (client doesn't have to pass the checkout) +
  • + Modulair construction +
  • + Locker is opened to the locker itself, not through a central place. This means less theft possible! +
  • + Lockers available with charging station for smartphone, tablet, ... +
  • + Trained staff & security +
  • + 1 contact address for your lockers +

Lost Key & Contact Us

Have a question? Want an offer? You lost your key on an event where Lockerking was attending?

Found material is kept in our warehouse for 1 week after the event. Please be specific in your message.

Please e-mail us about lost keys and material and be specific. We cannot answer any phonecalls about lost stuff.



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