Article 1 Applicability

1.1 These general conditions apply to the use of lockers of BV LB&O and to all agreements made with BV LB&O, hereafter referred to as the operator, regarding the storage of objects, clothing, bags, money and / or securities, hereafter referred to as "objects", in our lockers.
1.2 On all agreements made
by BV LB&O, only Belgian law is applicable.

Article 2 Offer and acceptance of objects

2.1 It is prohibited to keep and/or store
objects in the lockers that may cause danger and/or nuisance. The airport operator is entitled to show objects to the airport operator or its personnel before depositing them in the locker. The airport operator or its personnel is entitled to refuse to deposit certain objects in the locker of which it believes they may be dangerous or cause nuisance.
2.2 The user is at all times responsible for the objects stored
in the locker.

Article 3 Conclusion of the Agreement

3.1 The agreement with the operator comes into effect as soon as the user starts using the locker in accordance with the procedure specified by the operator in the user instructions.
3.2 Any agreement or commitment deviating from subclause 3.1 shall only be legally valid and enforceable for the user if the operator has entered into such with the user in writing.
3.3 The user is obliged to comply with the written and/or verbal instructions for use relating to the lockers and key/access use.

Article 4 Inspection, removal and destruction of objects

4.1 The operator is authorised to open the locker. The operator is authorised to examine objects remitted for safekeeping, even if the objects are placed in a closed bag, case or the like.
4.2 Objects which in the opinion of the airport operator are dangerous or may cause a nuisance, such as explosives, chemicals or perishable goods, may be destroyed or removed or sold at the expense of the user, without the user being able to enforce any claims in this respect.

Article 5 Collection of objects

5.1 The objects are to be collected during the indicated opening hours and before expiry of the period for which storage has been agreed, or the locker has been made available. The objects shall only be handed over after the fees
due have been paid in full.
5.2 The objects shall be returned to the person who is able to hand over the key to the locker concerned or who has received the relevant PIN code. The airport operator will be liable to anyone if the airport operator hands over the objects without any investigation to anyone who is in possession of the correct key.

Article 6 Key lost/broken

In the event of loss or breakage of the key and/or PIN code, the deposit paid will be retained by the operator and the items will only be handed over if the user has proven their right to them in our opinion.

In that case, the operator is competent:
- Establish the identity of the user by means of his passport, driving licence or other identity document and make a photocopy thereof;
- Not to hand over the objects until the end of the period referred to in Article 5(1);
- Possibly require payment of an administration fee as indicated;
- And if necessary, to require, before handing over the objects, that a deposit to be determined by the airport operator be paid, corresponding to the value of the objects. The deposit will be refunded after fifteen months or so much earlier as the user's right to the objects has been sufficiently established.

Article 7 Exceeding the storage or rental period

7.1 If the objects are not collected within the period for which safekeeping was agreed, or if the locker was made available, the proprietor is authorised to store the objects elsewhere and/or at a higher rate.
7.2 If, after the period referred to in paragraph 1, 50 days have passed without the objects being collected in accordance with the provisions of Articles 5 and 6, the proprietor is entitled to transfer these objects to the recycling shop.
7.3 The airport operator is never liable for damage as a result of exceeding the storage or rental period and/or as a result of transferring the objects in accordance with the provisions of subclause 7.2.

Article 8 Liability

8.1 Use of a locker is always at the operator's own risk. The operator can never be held liable for the loss of the key or for the unsafe use of the unique PIN code or for any objects left behind after use.
8.2 The airport operator is not liable for damage, unless the airport operator can be blamed for an intentional act or omission or gross negligence.
8.3 In the event that the airport operator is held liable for damages by irrevocable judicial decision, he will be held to compensate the actual damages incurred.

8.4 Before using the lockers, the user shall check whether the locker is empty and clean and is functioning properly. If the user finds any objects, the user is obliged to hand these over to the locker system operator or his/her staff.

General terms and conditions for contests

These 'General terms and conditions of competitions' apply to the use of the webshop. In addition, specific terms and conditions are declared applicable:
- Participants must be 18 years old to enter the competition;
- The participant is obliged to provide correct, up-to-date and complete information;
- The handling of the unique pin code of the rented locker is done via e-mail;
- The participant gives permission for personal data to be processed in connection with the execution of the order.
- Any questions, complaints or comments can be made in writing. Send these questions in a sufficiently stamped envelope to BV LB&O, Hoge Rokerstraat 30A, 8211 Aartrijke.